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Since 1998

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Portrait Studio Singapore is where you can do a portrait or caricature from your photos as a gift for your loved ones,friends,colleagues & business associates for all occassions such as birthday,wedding,farewell,house warming & etc.There is a variety of mediums used for your choice.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Speedy on-site caricature event.

Event: Dinner & Dance for Rockwell Collins.
Date of event: 30th Aug 2008.
Venue: Sheraton Towers,Scotts Road,Singapore.
Duration: 1 Hour (6.30-7.30)pm.
Drawing speed: 2.5 minutes per head.
Theme: Wild Wild West.

Another event that required me to do speedy caricature.I was hired by my regular client,an event organising company.Credit to my friend,Henry Foong,for his assistance.

The main entrance of the hotel.

The signage of the event.

Getting ready to receive the guests.

The decorated stage.

Showtime begins...

A picture for memory with a cowgirl.

Just having fun with the cactus.

A Bird's eye view of the water feature at the hotel lobby.

Mission accomplished,bye...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Couple caricature.

A4 size couple caricature done from photographs.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Type: Face with cartoon body & background.
Client's purpose: Proposal gift.

The client did this caricature to propose to his girlfriend.What a good & romantic idea.Guys,you should try this.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wedding caricature done from photograph.

A4 size wedding caricature.
Medium used: Colour-pencil on white paper.
Type: Face & cartoon body.
Client's purpose: Wedding gift.

The client did this caricature for her friend's wedding.A wedding is the big day for everybody.A caricature is something that can add to the memory of the couple.

Couple caricature.

A4 size caricature of a couple.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Type: Face only.
Client's purpose: Personal collection.

This couple is from Ipoh,my hometown in M'sia.They worked here & wanted this caricature done from their favourite photo as a souvenir.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Individual portrait done from photograph.

A3 size portrait of an Indian lady.
Medium used: Water-colour on white paper.
Client's purpose: Birthday gift.

The water colour medium is not among my range of mediums being offered in my website.However,special request for it can be arranged if you are interested.To many people,water colour seems to be an easy medium to master.In actual fact,it's quite a difficult medium to handle especially for painting portraits.A lot of patience needed in order to come up with a good art piece.When I started learning it a few years back,some local artists who were with me then tried to discourage me by saying it's very difficult simply b'cos they failed.I went ahead anyway as I've succeeded in learning so many other mediums such as soft-pastel,acrylic & oil paint which were far more difficult than this.I took only a short time to explore the character of water colour & produced paintings that I considered good enough for me to recommend this particular medium to my clients although it is still not up to world standard.It had somehow upset those so called artists who were trying to discourage me initially, b'cos to them my ability to handle so many mediums is a threat & has made them feel small or lousy although it was never my intention to do so.They hated me ever since & one of them even indirectly criticized & insulted me in many of his blog posts recently.I'll go more into this issue in my coming posts soon,it's quite lengthy.But to me,my latest water colour medium has added to my variety of mediums used for my clients to choose from. Business minded ma...

Family caricature done from photographs.

A3 size caricature of an Indian family.
Medium used: Colour-pencil on white paper.
Type: Face only.
Client's purpose: Birthday gift for the husband.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Photographs taken as a hobby.

Fullerton Hotel is one of the most photographed building in Singapore amongst pro as well as amateur photographers.It's a popular building simply because of the architecture with many huge Roman columns around it.From a distance,it looks like a piece of huge decorative cake.I took these pictures in the night b'cos I feel that low light photography is always a challenge & very satisfying if the result turns out to be good.The exterior was taken using my Semi-pro Sony camera DSC-H7(8 Mega Pixels) & the interior was taken using my humble Compact Sony DSC-W3(6 Mega Pixels).
When I snapped the interior shots,it reminded me of those hotel projects in which I was involved during my employment as an interior designer some years ago.Some of these local hotels that have my touch in it were Orchard Parade,Grand Plaza,Carlton Hotel,the demolished Scotts Service Apartment & the recently renovated Marina Mandarin in which I was involved in the detailing of the whole lobby area & the Brasserie.

The golden Fullerton looks great.I like the interesting reflection on the water.

The Fullerton as it is.

The other side of the building.

The beautifully designed lobby lounge area with a high ceiling.

The console taken from the glass railing that overlooking it.

The staircase with an interesting marble finished floor pattern that was symmetrically captured.

Another view of the staircase from a different angle.

Camera used:Sony DSC-H7 & DSC-W3.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Live caricature event.

Event: Company party for Bowne International.
Date of event: 22 Aug 2008 Friday.
Venue: Maybank Tower,Battery Road,Singapore.
Duration: 3 hours (7.30pm to 10.30pm).
Average drawing speed: 5-6 minutes per head.

The client invited their guests for a private gathering to watch the Singapore fireworks celebration from their office at the 24th. storey of Maybank Tower.The view was just perfect as the office windows were overlooking the Esplanade.There were 2 entertainers being hired to entertain the guests,a pair of clown & a caricaturist that was myself.As this event was a private affair,I got a chance to provide better quality work which I took longer time to draw the subjects,unlike my previous speedy events.Better quality means more accuracy,details & nicer lineworks.The client provided their own papers that had their event theme printed at the bottom as well as frames for the guests.It was quite an impressive souvenir for the guests.My long time friend of 15 years,Henry Foong,was there too to assist me on the framming part & some video/photography works.Credit to him for the assistance.

The main entrance of Maybank Tower.

The reception.


I was busy working on a guest.

Henry was putting the caricature into the frame.

The view of the fireworks from our room.

Another firework display.

Roy(left) & his partner were clowning around.

Before heading home,I noticed a chocolate making machine at a corner for the guests to make their own chocolate,how interesting...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wedding caricature.

A4 size wedding caricature.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Type: Face with cartoon body & background.
Client's purpose: A birthay gift.

The lady client did this caricature from photogrphs so that she could bring along with her to her husband-to-be who lived in the US.I supposed he was an American & working as a chef.She herself likes cooking too.

Family portrait done from photographs.

A2 size family portrait.
Medium used: Soft-pastel on off-white Canson paper.
Client's purpose: To be hung in their living hall.

This family was here for an operation of their eldest son(on the extreme right side) who was featured in a TV programme about foreigners seeking medical treatment in Singapore.I was surprised to see them on TV.Unfortunately,I couldn't recall which country they were from.This portrait was done from individual photos taken by me at my shop upon ordering as they didn't have any ready photos.They waited for about 2 weeks for it to be completed & were very happy with the result.At least they've got a memorable art piece to bring back to their country.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Individual caricature done from photograph.

A4 size caricature of Guna,the Roti Prata man.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Client's purpose: Print on name card & signboard.

Guna,a Indian restaurant owner had a few such caricatures done by different artists.According to him,the best one will be chosen & used for his name card as well as his signboard.I've got no idea whether mine was chosen to be made into his mascot.It sounds like an art competition among local caricaturists :-D

Individual caricature.

A4 size caricature done from photograph.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Type: Face with cartoon body.
Client's purpose: Birthday gift.

A big diamond ring on each hand,this pretty girl must be crazy about diamond rings :-D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Caricature of 2 subjects.

A4 size caricature of a girl with her pet dog.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Type: Face only.
Client's purpose: Birthday gift.

The client,Alexis,was my regular & one of the most loyal,ordered this art work as a birthday gift for her girlfriend who lived in Korea.She has done around 10 pieces of such art works since 2003.To date,I've accumulated many such regular clients,some of whom are from the corporate world like Motorola,Citibank,DBS Bank,Exxonmobil,Ebay,Raffles Hotel & so on.

Illustration of a romantic scene.

A4 size illustration work done from various photographs.
Medium used: Pastel-pencil on white paper.
Client's purpose: Valentine's day gift.

The client wanted all his photographs taken with his girlfriend at a tourist attraction in France to be drawn as a memory & given to her on Valentine's day.The place was where they met each other & fell in love ever since.What a romantic idea he had.He pointed out that he wanted the fireworks to be included so I used a black coloured marker to draw the background & created the effect.Wonder whether they've got married by now...