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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Individual caricature.

A3 size caricature done from photo.
Medium used: Colour marker on white paper.
Type: Face with cartoon body & background.
Client's purpose: Retirement gift.

During his employment, this Singapore guy had to juggle between Singapore & China, especially Shanghai. The client who was his colleague, wanted me to draw him fishing in a relaxing mood near the Singapore shore with images of China in the background.The Merlion on the beach was used to indicate that he was at home.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Photography- Singapore Skyline.

I've always admire the beautiful skyline of Singapore since I came here 20 years ago. Everytime time when I drive along the ECP, I just couldn't take my eyes off the skyline, especially at night. My first impression was it looked like New York City. As my photography skill progresses, I've taken the chance of capturing it myself for memory sake. My pictures were shot using my Sony DSLR Alpha 700 camera at different day & time in order to add into my collection. If you would like to see more of my photographs, feel free to visit my Flickr Photostream by clicking the pink title above.

This is my most popular photo in Flickr. Everybody likes the dramatic clouds in the sky.

An evening shot with blue sky.

This shot was taken on the night of National Day. The buildings were lighted up for the occasion.

The skyline as seen from The Espanade as you can see the durian shell on the right.

This one was taken from Marina Barrage. Note the Flyer, it's so huge that some buildings could be put into it.

This view was taken from the roof top of Esplanade.

While still at the roof top,I took the opportunity to shoot the Marina Bay buildings as well.

A vertical shot that overlooked the Merlion which was in the foreground. I like the warm multi colour of this shot.

Note: Permission is required if you intend to use my photos for any purpose. Legal action will be taken for copyright infringement.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On-site caricature drawing service for QBE.

Event: QBE Insurance International Pte Lte (Dinner & Dance).
Date of event: 19 Dec 2008 Friday.
Venue: Meritus Mandarin Hotel,Singapore.
Duration: 1 hour (6.30pm to 7.30pm).
Average drawing speed: 3 minutes per head.

This pre-D&D event had 3 entertainers. Ivan did the wire art, a photographer did the glamour shots & myself. It was held in Meritus Mandarin, Orchard Road & within walking distance from my shop so I walked there. The costumes wore by some of the guests were quite interesting. As the hotel was having renovation, I'd to enter the building from the side entrance & was a bit confused of how to go about in order to get to the right lift lobby.

The side entrance of the hotel.

The event signage.

The session begins...

The guest was so happy that he kept smiling throughout the process.

Hey, this is cute.

The glamour shot attracted many guests.

Ivan, with his display of wire art.

The atmosphere inside the ballroom.Everybody was getting ready for the night.

These ladies really had fun posing for this picture.

My session ended, bye bye.

Individual caricature done from photo.

A4 size caricature of Wonder girl.
Medium used: Colour-pencil on white paper.
Type: Face with cartoon body & background.
Client's purpose: Farewell gift.

A caricature with a Singapore flavour. The subject was leaving the company & Singapore as well.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On-site caricature drawing service for Qualcomm.

Event: Qualcomm Year End Celebration.
Date of event: 13 Dec 2008 Friday.
Venue: Hyatt Hotel,Singapore.
Duration: 1 hour (6.30pm to 7.30pm).
Average drawing speed: 3 minutes per head.

This event was held at Hyatt Hotel which is located just next to Far East Plaza where my shop is. It was so convenient that I just walked over. The event organiser was my regular client & they paid me immediately after the session, a good pay master indeed.
When I reached the venue with Henry, I met the other entertainer, palm reader Master Chuan of Character Analyst/Feng Shui Consultant. This was the 2nd time we did an event together & coincidently, there were only 2 entertainers at both events.

The event signage that greeted us.

The session begins..

Full concentration during the session.

Master Chuan was working on one of the guests. If you need his services, do call his mobile at 97820820.

Once again,the session ended successfully.

Couple caricature done from photograph.

A4 caricature of a violin girl.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Type: Face with cartoon body.
Client's purpose: Birthday gift.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wedding caricature done from photo.

A3 wedding caricature.
Medium used: Colour-marker on white paper.
Type: Face with cartoon body & background.
Client's purpose: Wedding gift.

The client, a Singaporean, did this caricature as a gift for her sister who married a British. She wanted to include the building, Tyler's Lock, in the bacground for sentimental reason. She even provided me an image of the particular barge she wanted them to be on.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On-site caricature drawing service.

Event: Ministry of Finance Dinner & Dance.
Date of event: 12 Dec 2008 Friday.
Venue: Movida, St. James Power Station, Singapore.
Duration: 1 hour (6.00pm to 7.00pm).
Average drawing speed: 3 minutes per head.
Theme: Alice's D&D Party.

I was engaged to do this event without knowing that it's for the Ministry of Finance. I was not told before hand but when I saw the signage inside the hall, I was quite surprised. The highlight of the event was probably the arrival of the Finance Minister Mr Tharman.There was no reporter or bodyguard in sight so I got a chance to get quite close & snapped some pictures of him. During the event, I supposed I was the only entertainer besides the emcee as I didn't see any other. Maybe, it's due to budget constraints...:p

St. James Power Station's building.

The main entrance of Movida.

The event signage.

The session begins...

Here I am, wearing my red beret & standing while drawing at the reception counter.

The arrival of Mr Tharman,the Finance Minister.

A close-up view of Mr Tharman, quite handsome, right?

Mission accomplished, Bye...