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Since 1998

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Portrait of a Malay couple.

A3 size portrait done from separate photos.
Medium used: Soft-pastel on white paper.
Client's purpose: Surprise anniversary gift.

The lady client requested the portrait to be done from 2 separate photos. I didn't know the reason why she wanted it in such. I supposed these photos are their favorite ones which she wanted it to be merged into one drawn portrait for memory sake in an artistic manner...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Individual portrait done from photo.

A3 size portrait of a man.
Medium used: Charcoal on textured paper.
Client's purpose: Corporate gift.

The client from Mindef came to me & ordered a portrait to be presented to the subject who was a retired army general. The photo used was a passport photo of the subject's present look. Not long after he'd collected the artwork, he came back to order another piece & requested me to draw the subject say 20 years younger base on the same photograph.
I did it by eliminating the excess fat on his face as well as his white hair. The face was made slimmer & smoother to further enhanced it. To draw somebody younger than his age needs a lot of imagination on my side.
This was not the first time I encounter such request though. I remember about 10 years ago when I was drawing live sketches on the street, a man who was in his 60s asked me to sketch his present look & he was quite impressed by the close resemblance. After that, he requested me to draw him 20 years younger & then 40 years younger. He didn't mind to pay for the 3 portraits. When he saw the last portrait, he was so amazed that he immediately took out one of his passport photos which was taken during his 20s & showed it to me. He kept telling me that the resemblance was very close. Just before he paid up, he gave me a remark, saying "well, you can really made a living by drawing people, well done". How amazing...

Individual portrait done from photo.

A3 size portrait of a man.
Medium used: Charcoal on textured paper.
Client's purpose: Corporate gift.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Artistic photography.

Taking beautiful pictures is a joy but if you can take them in an artistic way is even more enjoyable. My interest in photography has taken me that far & these are some of my recent works which I enjoy looking at. As an artist, it's natural that I make my photos to look like art pieces with some artistic touches. All these pictures were taken at night with my Sony Alpha 700 which I bought in July last year. I've been taking many photos since then. At an average, I take around 1000 photos per month & my skill has improved quite alot. If you would like to see more of my photographs, feel free to visit my Flickr Photostream by clicking the pink title above.

A muslim eatery located at Baghdad Road Singapore.
Hulk's home.

China Square Central, Singapore.
China Square Central, Singapore.

Back lane garden at China Square Central.
Back lane garden.

Colourful bridge beside Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.
Colourful bridge.

The black beauty, Harley Davidson.
The black beauty, Harley Davidson.

The engine of Harley Davidson bike.
The engine of Harley Davidson bike.

Note: Permission is required if you intend to use my photos for any purpose. Legal action will be taken for copyright infringement.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On-site speedy caricature drawing service.

Event: HO Printing Dinner & Dance.
Date of event: 17 Jan 2009 Saturday.
Venue: Sheraton Tower Hotel,Singapore.
Duration: 1 hour (6.30pm to 7.30pm).
Average drawing speed: 3 minutes per head.

As this was an hour session,there was no sweat for me simply b'cos I've been doing quite a number of events that required longer hours recently. Mostly youngsters, the guests who were also the staff of the company came just on time for me to start at 6.30pm. The session went smoothly as planned.

The main entrance of Sheraton Towers.

The event signage.

The cosy area nearby my counter.

The session begins...

Busy entertaining the guests.

A mini casino was created next to me.

Beautiful water feature on the ground floor.

Nice design of the restroom.

Mission accomplished, went back thru this grand staircase.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Portrait sketching for Singapore Art Festival 2008.

I was being commissioned to sketch all 41 art celebrities who attended the Singapore Art Fest recently. These celebs were from different backgrounds as well as professions such as singer,chef,musician,writer, etc. They were from different countries around this region & the event was held in November 2008.
Although I've not seen it yet, I was being told that my sketches would be printed together with their individual write-ups on the official booklet for this particular event. All the sketches were done from their photos given to me by the client "The Arts House". The medium used was dark pencil on white drawing papers.
Out of 41 sketches, I've chosen 7 of them to be shown on this blog post.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Caricatures for American Express' 2009 Calendar

A caricature project from Amex had kept me busy almost the whole of Oct 2008. They wanted it to be printed on their 2009 calendar for distribution worldwide. This was the biggest job I did for the year of 2008. They spent about 5k for this set of artwork, what a big budget. It's a great honour to be chosen by Amex to do this particular project b'cos there are so many great caricaturists around the world that they can choose from.
The theme they wanted was sports, different type of sport for each month on their calendar. All the caricatures were drawn in black & white shaded style & on A3 size papers. Their requirement was simple,as long as it went along the line of sports,it should be fine. This had given me lots of free hand to do it, no sweat. The only problem was the timing which I had to schedule it properly & had rejected many orders during that time, what a waste but this is the nature of the business. Customers always come at the same time or want to collect the artwork on the same day. As this is a hand drawn art, it's not possible to do too many at the same time.
Meaning,there is money pouring in but too bad it can't be made :))


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