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Since 1998

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Portrait Studio Singapore is where you can do a portrait or caricature from your photos as a gift for your loved ones,friends,colleagues & business associates for all occassions such as birthday,wedding,farewell,house warming & etc.There is a variety of mediums used for your choice.

Bookings for on-site caricature service for corporate events,wedding,d & d, etc are also available.Feel free to visit our website for more samples as well as rates.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Portrait of Minister Mentor of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew

A2 size portrait of MM Lee.
Medium used: oil paint on stretched canvas.
Purpose: Artist's collection.

Live caricature event at Raffles Marina Singapore

This pic shows me working on a lady guest at the company function during the year end peak period of 2007.

Live Caricature event at Mariott Hotel Singapore

This must be my favourite picture of my entire career as an event caricaturist. A rare occasion to have all my competitors at the same event. For your info., they are also my friends. These are some of the artists running around from hotel to hotel during the peak year end period doing caricature for company D & D. We managed to have this pic taken just before the show starts. Wearing uniform provided by the organiser is fun too.
From left to right: William, Myself (the shortest), Wilson & Jit Leong.

Live caricature event at Tanah Merah Country Club Singapore

The one hour event was held on 31st Dec 2007. This picture was taken with the 2 models at the reception area after my show. They were dressed up as Elvis & Merilyn Monroe as the theme of the New Year's eve party was about celebrity of the 60's.
Just before the show starts, I managed to have a glimpse of SM Goh Chok Tong who had just finished his golfing session & walking towards me. He was actually heading to his waiting VIP car at the entrance. Quite a tall guy indeed. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough to draw my camera from my bag to have a photo taken with him. Wasted.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Caricature drawn 'live'

A4 size caricature drawn 'live' in 20 minutes.
Type: Coloured caricature -Face only.
Medium used: Color pencil with black marker outline on white paper.
Client's purpose: Personal interest.

Caricature drawn 'live'

A4 size caricature drawn 'live' in 20 minutes.
Type: Coloured caricature -Face only.
Medium used: Color pencil with black marker outline on white paper.
Client's purpose: Personal interest.

Caricature-Drawn 'live'

A4 size caricature drawn 'live' in 5 minutes.
Type: Black & White (outline)-Face only.
Medium used: Black artline marker on white paper.
Client's purpose: Personal interest.

Celebrity Portrait

A4 size portrait of David Beckham.
Medium used: Soft-Pastel.
Purpose: Artist's collection.

Individual Portrait

A4 size portrait.
Medium used: Watercolour on white paper.
Client's purpose: Personal.

Individual portrait

A3 size portrait of a pretty lady.
Medium used: Watercolour on white paper.
Client's purpose: Birthday gift to his girlfriend.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Caricature of Douglas Olivero

A4 size caricature of Singapore singer Douglas Olivero.

Medium used: Pastel pencil (not available from my choice of medium,special request can be arranged).

Client's purpose: Publish on Singapore Idol's website.

Celebrity Portrait

A3 size portrait of American Idol - Kelly Clarkson.
Medium used: Charcoal stick on white paper.
Client's purpose: A gift to a friend whose idol is Kelly.

Celebrity Caricature

A4 size caricature of Lara Croft.
Medium used: Pastel-pencil (not available from my choice of medium,special request can be arranged).
Purpose: Artist's collection.

Portrait of Mr Lim Hng Kiang

A3 Size portrait of former health minister of Singapore with the health ministry building in the background.
Medium used: Pencil on white paper.
Client's purpose: Farewell gift.

Group caricature done from photos for Applied Material Singapore

A2 size caricature with background of AP's office building.
Type: Face & cartoon body & with background.
Medium used: Color Pencil.
Client's purpose: Farewell gift from the main subject's dept.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More About Me

Hi, my name is Reggie Wan, a self-taught portrait & caricature artist as well as the founder of Portrait Studio Singapore,established since 1998. Born in Ipoh, Malaysia in 1963, a Singapore PR since 1990. I have been drawing portrait as a hobby since I was 10 years old. During the 70's,I've won many prizes drawing portraits of movie stars as well as famous singers in magazines such as Movie News,Fanfare,etc.
Working as an Interior Designer for 16 years before trying my luck in doing what I like most,the so-called portrait art.It has given me self satisfaction of being able to capture human features to near perfection.The most challenging part is the level of resemblance I can achieve, all by my bare hand. A rare hand indeed.
From the beginning,I started using pencil to sketch my portraits using grid lines & gradually learning to sketch with free hand before upgrading to using charcoal & soft-pastel mediums. After I set up my studio in Far East Plaza, I realised that I didn't have enough variety to offer my customers.In order to be more versatile,I explored into more mediums such as acrylic & oil paint on canvass & recently watercolor. Along the way,I've also explored into another form of art called 'Caricature' or 'Cartoonistic Portrait' which is very popular among people from the corporate world in Singapore.

Although my main interest is all about human features, I'm able to paint scenery & other stuff like hand-drawn illustrations upon request.

During my career as a portrait & caricature artist in Singapore, I've been featured many times in the local newspapers & magazines such as The Strait Times,The Newpaper,etc. Recently,some of my works even appeared on local TV Channel-8's mandarin dramas such as 'Like Father Like Daughter' & so on. In 2005,I was being invited to appear on TV under 'Arts Central' channel for a Christmas programme call 'X'mas Mambo'.

I'll be posting my favourite works as well as events related to it from time to time & please feel free to drop by my blog to view them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

About Portrait

I've been drawing portrait since I was 10 years old. With more than 3 decades of experience,I believe my portrait art has reached a standard that is high enough to be one of Singapore's best.The resemblance level I guaranteed my customers is at least 80% although sometimes I can achieve more than that.As always, I will try my best to get as high as possible in the resemblance element.Please don't expect 100%.
I can use numerous medium namely 1. Pencil,2. Charcoal,3. Water-color,4. Soft-pastel,5. Acrylic paint on canvas & 6. Oil paint on canvas.
Apart from drawing portrait & caricature, I can also paint scenery as well as illustration.All these art pieces are painstakingly hand drawn. Usually I draw or paint from photograph given by my customers.To date, as a professional artist since 1998, I've drawn at least 4000 masterpieces at my studio in Far East Plaza, not to mention thousands of 'live' models on the streets of Orchard Road & various art fair islandwide.
I'm very happy to have this opportunity to show you guys what I've got to offer.
I hope you will enjoy viewing my masterpieces & continue to pay me a visit whenever you are free as I will constantly post my recent works on this blog. .

Friday, March 21, 2008

About Caricature

Caricature art or cartoonistic portrait is the latest trend in Singapore, especially people in the cooperate world use it as a gift on various occassions such as farewell, birthday, promotion, long-service award & etc.They bring photographs of their colleagues to be drawn base on their request. Before I take on the job, I would normally check the resolution of the subject's photo. This initial part is very important as the result or the resemblance level of the caricature will be affected.
Caricature is a form of art which is extremely difficult to master. The artist not only need to know how to blow up certain prominent features of the subject but also has to make sure that the subject can be recognised immediately.Unfortunately, in Singapore or rather this region, people do not know how to appreciate it. Probably, they do not understand what actually caricature actually is. When I first started drawing caricature,I came across many of my customers especially ladies who tend to be very unhappy with the way I exaggerated their features. Although I personally think that there is a high resemblance, they would disagree & not paying for the artwork done. It really affected my livelihood then. In order to play safe, I've got no choice but to come up with what I call cartoonistic portrait. With minimal exaggeration of my customers' feature, I've successfully created my own version of caricature. It has been very popular ever since & has kept me going for a decade now.
Apart from drawing from customer's photographs, I can also draw people 'live' especially during company D&D,function,party,etc. To get a reasonably high resemblance, I spent around 5 t0 6 minutes per head.Meaning, in an hour, approvimately 10 persons can be drawn.To me, this is considered fast but surprisingly some event companys that hire my service do not think so.
They say somebody in the market can do 2 to 3 times faster. Although I tried to convince them to compare the standard of artwork, they still maintain that they want speedy artist,doesn't matter whether the work is good or not.This is a matter of principle, I don't feel good to give a substandard work to their guests just to see a dustbin full of my artwork at the end of the event.Eventually, it will affect my reputation as a caricature artist from Portrait Studio. It really gave me a lot of preassure in order to meet their demand. Practice was the only way for me to achieve what I can do now with minimal detail,20 persons per hour upon special request, phew!

Here are some of my works done recently for my customers from photos given by them. I've a total of 4 mediums for you to choose from, namely 1. Black & White (outline), 2. Black & White (Shaded),3. Color Pencil & 4. Color Marker. The rate will depend on the complication of your artwork.You can check it out from my website.