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Thursday, April 9, 2015

On-site caricature drawing service.

Event: Solemnization Lunch.
Date of event: 9 Nov 2013 (Saturday).
Venue: Boat House @ Fullerton, Singapore.
Duration: 12.00pm to 2.00pm (2 hour2).
Average drawing speed: 6 minutes per head.

I was engaged for this solemnization lunch event of Lin Wei & Fangjing which was held on the 2nd floor of the Boat House on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Months before the event, the client came to me & did 2 pieces of colored caricatures of both of them based on photos. These caricatures were displayed at the venue for their guests to see. Half way through the session, I had to stop for the solemnization to take place. During the break, I managed to take a few shots of the bride & groom at the adjoining hall where the event was held. Guests were mostly relatives & friends of the couple. Some of them requested me to draw couples in the drawings.
As usual, the session went on smoothly with those who got their caricatures kept smiling at me till the end.

Upon arrival at the building.

The event signage at the bottom of the staircase.

Here are some of my caricatures for your viewing pleasure...

Me busy entertaining a guest.

The groom wore the wedding ring for the bride.

The atmosphere during the lunch.

This was the caricature which they did at my studio.

This is the 2nd piece of caricature which they did prior to their wedding.

On-site 'live' caricature service for company function, event, party & etc available (by booking only).
I charge a fee of S$150 per hour. This price quoted is for one caricaturist & meant for service within Singapore only.
As my speed is around 6 minutes per person drawn, approximately 10 heads can be done in an hour.

Portrait & caricature artist in Singapore.

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