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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sony Road Show Mid-point Orchard.

Event: Sony Road Show.
Date of event: 17&24 Nov, 1&8 Dec  2012 (Saturday).
Venue: Courts @ Mid-point, Orchard Road, Singapore.
Duration: 3.00pm to 6.00pm (3 hours per day).
Average drawing speed: 8 minutes per head.

I was engaged to do a Sony Road Show for 4 Saturdays in a row with my caricaturist friend Jit & 2 others. All of us were stationed in 4 different Courts venues at the same time around Singapore. Mine was at Mid-point Orchard. This road shows required us to draw caricature using Sony's new tablet VAIO Duo 11 & printed out using a printer before given away to the public. As I was not familiar with digital drawing, it took me quite awhile  to get use to it. I struggled on the first day but gradually improved along the way. I had manage to put some shading on the drawings during the last day but it took me quite some time to finish one piece. There was a screen behind me that showed the progress of the drawing live, similar to the Samsung Road Show which I did using the the Galaxy Note Studio before that. It was a good experience but I still prefer to draw caricature manually though.

Arriving at the venue at Mid Point Orchard.

The First Day-me drawing an Indian boy.

A member of the public who sat down for me to draw.

The Second Day- Me drawing a boy.

These are some of my caricatures done on the 2nd day.

The Third Day- Me drawing a lady.

These are some of my caricatures done on the 3rd day.

These are some done with shading on the 4th & last day.


On-site 'live' caricature service for company function, event, party & etc available (by booking only).
I charge a fee of S$200.00 for the 1st. hour & S$150.00 for subsequent hours. This price quoted is for one caricaturist & meant for service within Singapore only.

As my speed is around 6 minutes person drawn, approximately 10 heads can be done in an hour.

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