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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On-site caricature drawing service.

Event: Asia One- Red Carpet Party.
Date of event: 13 Dec 2012 (Thursday).
Venue: St. James Power Station, Singapore.
Duration: 6.30pm to 9.30pm (3 hours).
Average drawing speed: 8 minutes per head.

Due to heavy year-end commitments, my caricaturist friend Jit sought my service to do this gig on his behalf. My job was to draw the guests faces complete with cartoon bodies on the pre-drawn paper with some background & logo provided by the client. The average time taken to draw a person was 8 minutes instead of my usaul 6 minutes simply because I'd to draw a cartoon body for every one.
The atmosphere was electrifying as the music was loud & full of activities. Apart from the stage shows & performances, I was the only fringe artist to entertain the guests for 3 solid hours. One difficulty of this gig was that lighting was insufficient, too deem for me to do a good job as the event suppose to be in a party mood. No mather how, the job had to go on & there was full of laughter & fun throughout the event.

Upon arrival at the venue.

The event signage at the entrance.
Here are some of my caricatures for your viewing pleasure...
Me entertaining one of the guests.
Gangnam Style Dance performance.
Star Wars characters appearing on stage.
The atmosphere during the event.

On-site 'live' caricature service for company function, event, party & etc available (by booking only).
I charge a fee of S$200.00 for the 1st. hour & S$150.00 for subsequent hours. This price quoted is for one caricaturist & meant for service within Singapore only.

As my speed is around 6 minutes person drawn, approximately 10 heads can be done in an hour.

Portrait & caricature artist in Singapore.

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